2021 Predictions


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about their predictions for 2021!

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Show Notes

02:06 - ESM

  • Scott: It’s going to be big
  • Wes: Everything going forward should be ESM

05:44 - Wes: Remote work will grow

  • Whole new talent pool opens up
  • Whole new living situations open up

08:23 - Scott: Deno will grow

11:12 - Wes: Tooling will fade away

14:14 - Scott: Greater usage of other languages to build Javascript

19:35 - Wes: Programming communities will gain traction

23:25 - Scott: More WASM

27:19 - Typescript

  • Wes: Typescript will become more popular
  • Scott: Tooling will get better

29:37 - React

  • Scott:
    • Scoped CSS in React will evolve
    • SSR and hydration will be better
  • Wes:
    • People will fall out of love with React
    • Or more magic will get added to React

32:52 - Scott: More web component frameworks

33:17 - Scott: Markdown and mdx-like frameworks will skyrocket in use

33:59 - Wes: Gatsby

35:24 - Scott: AR tech will grow

36:38 - Wes: AI will become accessible

38:43 - VS Code

  • Scott:
    • It will continue dominating
    • Cloud and shared coding env will become better
    • Figma
  • Wes:

40:18 - CSS

42:39 - Serverless

  • Scott:
    • Ease of use will get better and better
  • Wes:

45:30 - Wes: Enterprise Jamstack will become a thing

46:30 - PWAs might become more popular

  • Apple will never want you to go around the app store
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