4.4 Raycast, a Launcher Faster than F1! with Pedro Duarte


Pedro joins us to walk through his favorite features of Raycast and expose the secrets of what we didn’t even know Raycast could do!


Sponsors:Cloudinary - Build faster with AI powered image and video APIs. https://cld.media/codingcatdevRecorded: December 12, 2023 9:00 AM

00:00 Intro and Welcome Pedro

03:45 Rainbow to Raycast

05:37 Pedros Roll at Raycast

07:57 Sponsor: Cloudinary

08:42 What is Raycast?

11:52 Tech Behind Raycast

12:41 Favorite Features

28:47 Raycast for Teams

32:50 Walkthrough Getting Started

36:40 Scheming

41:17 Scope and Pricing

45:22 Perfect Picks

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