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AWS Amplify Admin UI

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Welcome back Purrfect Peeps!

Today we are going to talk with René Brandel about AWS Amplify Admin UI.

The Amplify Admin UI is a visual interface for frontend web and mobile developers to develop app backends and manage app content outside the AWS Management Console. Teams can use the Admin UI to create and manage enterprise-ready, scalable, and secure cloud backends for their apps.

René Brandel

René is a Senior Product Manager with Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is currently on the AWS Amplify project.

René Huangtian Brandel - Senior Product Manager - Technical - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Amplify Admin UI

The blog: New AWS Amplify Admin UI Helps You Develop App Backends, No Cloud Experience Required | Amazon Web Services

The actual UI: Admin UI basics - Introduction - Amplify Docs

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René’s Background

Amplify and René

What got you started with Amplify?

  • Helping frontend developers
  • Personally, always inspired on how to write less code for more

What would you recommend for a person to get started with Amplify?

  • If you're a frontend web or mobile developer on AWS, then Amplify is the best way to get started
  • Helps developers add cloud-based features to frontend apps
  • Scale out their application as their users grow
  • Focus on the experience instead of worrying about infrastructure setup

Amplify Admin UI

What's the Amplify Admin UI? Is this something new?

Do you need an AWS account to get started?

What's so special about the new visual data modeler?

GSI’s are always difficult, does this help? (In relation to the data modeler)

What are some other major features you can have with the Admin UI? (we can talk about auth)

Access outside the AWS Management Console

This is amazing but could we talk a little bit about how it works? Is it running on Java somehow, like Firebase emulator?

Non-technical users - how do they use it?

How does this new Amplify Admin UI work with existing customers?

  • How do they turn it on?
  • CLI users

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