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Tessa Mero

Developer Advocate at Cloudinary

Get to know Tessa

So you went to school in Washington correct?

It seems like you have always been involved with helping people around technology whether teaching or evangelizing for an organization, what started that for you?

You travel a lot, is it mostly for fun or the job?

Cloudinary Questions

How did you get started at Cloudinary?

What is it like being a developer advocate for Cloudinary?

How big is the staff that keeps the SDKs up to date?

You recently took over the MDE (Media Developer Experts) program, was this a big shift for you?

I feel like Cloudinary is very unique in the industry, do you know of any direct competitors?



We met at Refactor.Tech and you took me to my first Korean BBQ, it seems like you have been ordering that stuff your whole life. So what is your favorite Korean BBQ dish?

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