Episode 91 - IPFS with Daniel Norman

FSJam Podcast

Daniel Norman is a Developer Advocate at Protocol Labs. In this episode we discuss the philosophy and motivation behind the creation of IPFS, IPFS pinning services and gateways, how Protocol Labs relates to IPFS, and how to moderate content on a distributed, censorship resistant network.

Daniel Norman

Protocol Labs



Show Outline

00:11 - Daniel’s code journey
11:19 - What is web3?
13:36 - What does it mean to “own” something digital?
22:19 - Bluesky and the At Protocol
25:35 - Living in a high trust society
28:01 - What is IPFS?
36:32 - IPFS pinning services and gateways
45:23 - Protocol Labs
48:20 - Is it possible to block or moderate content on IPFS?
54:58 - Where should someone go to get started with IPFS or get in touch with the IPFS community?
58:17 - How can listeners get in touch with Daniel?

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