Episode 88 - Supabase DevRel with Jon Meyers

FSJam Podcast

Jon Meyers is a Developer Advocate at Supabase, an open source Firebase alternative built with PostgreSQL.

In this episode we discuss how DevRel is organized at Supabase, why Supabase decided to build their own PostgreSQL extension, and new capabilities enabled by Supabase's Edge Functions.

Jon Meyers



Show Outline

01:25 - Jon Meyers Introduction

04:44 - How is the DevRel team at Supabase organized?

06:41 - What is Supabase?

07:55 - Building and Using Postgres Extensions

10:46 - How does the GraphQL Postgres Extension Work?

12:15 - What is Supabase Launch Week?

14:19 - Supabase Edge Functions

22:31 - Supabase Integrations

24:11 - Supabase Series B

25:27 - What are people building with Supabase?

27:24 - Jon's Favorite FSJam Episodes

30:03 - Closing Thoughts


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