Why the browser is the most complex runtime environment

Frontend First

Sam and Ryan talk about the unique aspects of ES modules that have driven the recent explosion of innovation in the frontend build tooling space, giving rise to tools like Snowpack and Vite. They also chat about their desire for a more integrated frontend ecosystem that would make adding things like auth to frontend apps easier, as well the impressive web-based drawing tool Excalidraw.

Topics include:

- 1:16 – ES modules

- 14:09 – Why do we bundle?

- 20:47 – Modules are stateful singletons, and the benefits of dependency injection

- 35:12 – Desire for an integrated JS environment

- 50:41 – Excalidraw


- [Sam's video on ES modules](https://youtu.be/5F_k9q9HbAc)

- [Guillermo Rauch on Static First using Serverless Frontends](https://www.serverlesschats.com/50)

- [Excalidraw](https://excalidraw.com)

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