Which concepts should a framework teach?

Frontend First

Sam and Ryan talk about the actual vs. perceived boundaries between Ember and Ember Data, and what it would look like if Ember Data were more separate from Ember than it has been historically. They also chat more generally about which concepts should be taught by official framework documentation, as well as a digression into APIs that appear impure but that are actually functionally pure.

Topics include:

- 0:40 – Which concepts should a framework be responsible for teaching?

- 7:20 – What does it actually take for someone to start using a framework? And Vue's multiparadigm approach.

- 16:32 – What if Ember Data wasn't part of Ember?

- 29:50 – Functional digression

- 37:00 – Back to Ember Data!

- 43:34 – When paradigms conflict with each other

- 49:46 – Back to Ember Data, again!


- [Vue composition API](https://vue-composition-api-rfc.netlify.com)

- [MobX](https://mobx.js.org/README.html)

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