Imports are not code – they're declarations

Frontend First

Sam and Ryan talk about a confusing situation where moving code into an ES module changed the execution order of a program. They also talk about conflicting advice over whether React's useEffect is appropriate for writing data, and chat about PostCSS, Tailwind and build tools.

Topics include:

- 2:31 – Tailwind, PostCSS, and low-level vs. high-level tools

- 13:12 – Mirage JS and Cypress

- 13:55 – Ember 3.13 and Octane

- 15:28 – Ryan's experiencing upgrading EmberMap from 3.4 to 3.12

- 20:19 - ES Modules, and learning that imports are not code

- 42:12 – React and useEffect, and the difference between reads and writes vs. rendering and event handlers

- 1:00:50 – Object-oriented vs. functional programming in JavaScript


- [Ember 3.13 Release (Octane Preview)](

- [How to upgrade an Ember App or Addon](

- [Rich Harris and Edward Faulkner Twitter thread about ES module design](

- [Twitter thread about ES module execution order](

- [Sam Selikoff on Twitter](

- [Ryan Toronto on Twitter](

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