How Suspense led to Server Components (React Roundtable reaction)

Frontend First

Sam and Ryan share their thoughts on the recent React Roundtable with core team members Sebastian Markbåge and Andrew Clark. They talk about the evolution of Server Components from the perspective of solving the problem of fetching data in React apps, how SPAs have a lower baseline but higher ceiling in terms of the user experience they can deliver, and what they’d like to see from frameworks that are built on the RSC architecture.

Topics include:

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:36 - Recap of Server Components as a solution to data fetching in React
  • 11:47 - How Server Components improve the baseline user experience of React apps while also letting us layer in SPA-like enhancements
  • 20:11 - What features we give up with server-driven data fetching, and how can we get them back?
  • 29:13 - How RSC and Actions bring the setState-and-diff model across the network
  • 31:59 - What opinions are left to frameworks that are built on the constraints of RSC, and what would we like to see from them?


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