From build-time to run-time

Frontend First

Sam and Ryan chat about using GitHub Issues to power Mirage's blog, and what implications run-time and build-time data have for the architecture of the AddonDocs site. They also discuss Simon Sinek's "Celery Test" in the context of Ember.js.

Topics include:

  • 01:15 - Implementing Mirage's AddonDocs blog with GitHub issues
    • 15:30 - Discussion forum vs. GitHub issues vs. blog comments
    • 18:18 - Moving the blog post source to a GitHub issue
    • 23:30 - Dynamic vs. static data, and implications for changing build-time data to run-time data.
    • 27:40 - Downsides of run-time data
  • 37:00 - SPA architecture and distributed systems. How does React/Vue "happy path" architecture differ from Ember's?
  • 41:45 - Testing is the only true way to know if your dependencies work.
  • 43:31 - Where does Ember pass the Celery Test, and where does it fail?


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