An ORM by any other name

Frontend First

Sam and Ryan talk about how the URQL GraphQL library gives you an ORM-like experience in React – despite ORMs being generally eschewed by the community. They also chat about Jordan Walke's recent talk from ReasonConf, and whether they agree with his conclusion that functional programming is the reason React became popular.

Topics include:

- 5:41 – Hasura, React, URQL + Formik = Nutrition app

- 44:51 – React to the Future by Jordan Walke


- [URQL](

- [Formik](

- [Reach Dialog](

- [Dan Abramov's tweet on controlled/uncontrolled components](

- [React to the Future - Jordan Walke](

- [Let's Program Like It's 1999 - Lee Byron](

- [Functional Programming in 40 Minutes - Russ Olsen](

- [Reason ML](

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