VoV 082: Developer Tooling and Dev Setup for Working With Vue

Views on Vue

On this episode of Views on Vue the panelists discuss their preferences for their development environments and tools. They begin with their preferences for text editor, font, and theme in their Vue development environments. All three currently use Visual Studio Code as their main text editor. Ari Clark switched to VS Code from Atom because she prefers the support that it has for Vue and Ben Hong switched from Sublime. Ben prefers the night owl theme and the operator mono font. On the other hand, Ari prefers the one dark pro theme for its syntax highlighting and prefers dank mono as her font.

The Views on Vue panelists then go on to discuss their preferences on using the terminal. They weigh the pros and cons of using the integrated terminal and when they turn to other shells. The other potential shells that the Vue panelists discuss are Bash, Zsh, and Fish. The panelists focus on the speed and performance of the shells, and make an important note that not all shell commands are valid on other shells and the user will have to be familiar with the shell they are using. The Vue experts discuss whether they use the command line interface (CLI) or VS Code version control to manage their git version control. The panelists then weigh the pros and cons of different terminal shells they like to use. The panelists also briefly discuss how open they are to changing their development environment setup. 

The topic then shifts to extensions for VS Code. The Views on Vue podcasters mention their preferences for a bracket colorizer, extension packs, code snippets and other tools. They talk specifically about the following extensions: Vue VS Code Extension Pack and Vue VS Code Snippets by Sarah Drasner, and Vetur created by Pine Wu, the latter of which the panelists identify as a quintessential extension for writing Vue. They discuss the merits of code snippet extensions as reusable code and creating them in VS Code.  They also discuss some of the different types of snippets that exist and how to use them.

The Views on Vue panelists discuss ways to enforce best practices in addition to code snippets. They talk about using code generators like Hygen to automatically fill out the template for specific types of files. They share that creating unit tests helps to ensure best practices and that the code works as intended, as well as the differences between unit tests and end to end tests. They go over the strengths of an end to end testing tool called cypress. Tools like Husky or Yorkie allow you to add pre commit hooks to the package.json file that will automatically manage all the linting for a project. 

Finally the panelists share their preferences browser tooling for Vue projects in addition to browser developer tools and their browsers of choice. Ari says that she prefers the previous version (version 4) of Vue devtools than the current version (version 5) and her reasons why. Chris Fritz shares that he likes Vimium for setting up quick navigation and Ben shares that he likes to use Keyboard Maestro.


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