VoV 027: Code Automation

Views on Vue


  • Divya Sasidharan
  • Erik Hanchett
  • Joe Eames
  • Chris Fritz 

In this episode, the panel talks about code automation, generators, and other topics. They talk about the pros and cons of what generators can and cannot do. Later they discuss different codes, such as Prettier and Eslint codes, and also talk about their pros and cons. Check-out today’s episode to get the full details on these topics and much more!

Show Topics:

1:03 – Panel has different views on what code automation is and or is not.

2:53 – One of the panelists started his career with Rails.

3:58 – Let’s jump into one thing that I think Rails did really well, and that is generators! Generators aren’t really popular in the JavaScript community. What are generators?

4:43 – Generators is to help build your tooling.

4:57 – What is an example of a generator, and how can it resolve the issue-at-hand?

5:04 – To generate a component, for example.

5:20 – The panel go back and forth and discuss the different definitions of what a generator means to them, and the purpose of a generator.

8:29 – For beginners, if you are brand new to JavaScript then these generators could be confusing.

9:10 – People at first did not like Java’s generators.

10:04 – How much do you guys use generators in your workday?

10:07 – Angular CLI.

12:06 – To organize in a consistent way for a larger team, generators can help.

12:37 – It also standardizes things, too. If you have something in place, then basically the machine makes the decision for you already, which can save some headaches. 

13:09 – Tooling to review code. As long as you can agree on a style then these tools can format your code the way you want it.

13:49 – Let’s talk about Prettier and Eslint code. Let’s take a poll. The panel goes back-and-forth and discusses the pros and cons of both codes, Prettier and Eslint. Some panelists have very strong views on one or the other, and they’ve had much experience with these codes, which they have given it much thought over the years.

22:36 – Bottom line: we all figure out things as we go along.

22:52 – New topic: Apart of the automated code review is to have Eslint and Prettier and other codes have all of these things run-on a pre-commit hook, only on the files that are staged.

25:06 – Who uses pre-commit hooks? A lot of people will run different tools to compress their images, and there is a tool that can help with that.

26:32 – Smart - anything to save time.

27:40 – New topic: Continuation integration. After a pre-commit hook in editor, then when you take a poll request then sometimes there are these services, Travis CI or CircleCI that will go through and run some tests to make sure that your project builds correctly, and deploy your site. I like to use tools like this. It integrates with others like GitHub among others.

29:54 – Digital Ocean’s Advertisement!

30:58 – If you want to see an example please got to this timestamp to hear the panelist’s suggestion!

32:03 – Once an application has been developed for a while it might take 4-5 minutes for it to finish – if I think it is fine, I don’t want to waste time. It doesn’t seem like a good use of my time.

36:23 – “Throwing out data is like gardening!” – This is Divya’s motto.

37:40 – One panelist likes to use the squash and merging option.

38:14 – Divya: “Do you have any control over what gets squashed?”

38:28 – Everything gets squashed

39:49 – Auto-completion.

40:27 – The panel talks about plugins and such.

41:10 – Back to continuation integration (CI). Biggest concern people have is it builds failing when nothing is wrong.

42:00 – “Time Zones” – that’s one scenario for Divya.

42:32 – Another panelist voices another concern.

45:31 – Another topic: Running Eslint and Prettier – how do we actually run those things? How do we run tests?

46:24 – The panel talks about what was and is popular within this field. 

50:29 – Question asked.

50:41 – Proxies is very common.

54:46 – Another common web pack customization is when you have to use environmental variables.

55:55 – Anyone have anything else to talk about? No, so let’s talk about PICKS!








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