You down with GPT-3? Yeah you know me!

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week, we talk about code that writes code and how soon it will put us all out of a job. That, or it's a nice magic trick, and a great tool for accessibility. After that, Sara and Paul do some mock interviews, as we investigate a paper on the role of anxiety in the hiring process for software developers.

If you're wondering why GPT-3 matters and how it compares to prior efforts in this area, here is a good summary.

If you want to dive deeper into the effect anxiety has on the interview process and hiring in tech, you can read up on the research here.

This week's lifeboat badge goes to PerformanceDBA, who left an incredbily long and detailed answer, complete with charts and code snippets, on the following question: how to organize a relational data model for double entry accounting?

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