You don’t have to build a browser in JavaScript anymore

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Ben is joined by Kyle Mitofsky, a Senior Software Engineer on Stack Overflow’s public platform; Kelsey Hightower, Principal Developer Advocate at Google Cloud; and Guillermo Rauch, cocreator of Next.js. They cover what’s new in Next.js 13, how growing demand for front-end applications has made the React codebase “ginormous,” and what’s required to support a sustainable community of open-source contributors.

We talk about how Next is bringing image components, server components, and in-house analytics via split bee—and bundling them all together with Turbopack, powered by Rust, our Developer Survey most loved language of 2022.

Guillermo Rauch is the CEO and cofounder of Vercel and cocreator of Next.js, an open-source React framework that helps developers build fast, lightweight web applications. The most recent version is Next.js 13. You can find Guillermo on LinkedIn.

We previously talked with Guillermo about the security risks of laziness, how Next.js mixes static site and SPA functions, and the front-end trends that get him excited.

Kelsey Hightower is the Principal Developer Advocate at Google Cloud. Find him on Twitter or GitHub, or read about his very personal history with Kubernetes.

Kelsey has also distinguished himself on our podcast before.

Kyle Mitofsky is a Senior Software Engineer at Stack Overflow. Find him on Twitter or GitHub.

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