Who says HTML and CSS aren't real programming?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The home team covers code scanning for security vulnerabilities in open-source registries, whether high-profile skills training programs from Google and Amazon really address systemic inequity in tech (spoiler: probably not), and how a James Bond character sparked Matt’s interest in security.

Learn more about GitHub’s ​​machine learning-based code scanning, which finds security issues before they make it to production.

Google invests $100 million in a skills training program for low-income Americans. Is there a catch?

Take2 is a New Zealand program that teaches incarcerated people to code: building marketable skills, opening up employment opportunities, and dramatically reducing recidivism. At the time of writing, Take2 has a 100% success rate in preventing recidivism.

We have two Lifeboat badges this week: Varad Mondkar, for answering How does the app:layout_goneMarginLeft and its variants affect the view arrangements in constraintlayout?, and Eugene Sh., for answering What is this “a.out” file and what makes it disappear?.

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