Welcome to 2021 with special guest Joel Spolsky

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The Stack Overflow podcast is celebrating a milestone: Episode 300! As we ring in the new year we've brought on the man who co-created this podcast and co-founded Stack Overflow, Joel Spolsky. We chat about the origins of Stack, ideas for a new kind of "social media," and what's happening with Joel's latest venture, Hash.ai.

You can find the first episode of the SO podcast here. It was conducted over Asterix, open source telephony software that allowed for fancy operations like voice messaging and recording calls!

What would social software look like if we designed them to remove commerce and popularity? Are services like Mightybell an interesting example of where we might be headed?

If you want to build a model of something - say traffic patterns in your town or a hypothetical zombie invasion - you should check out a new project Joel is involved in, Hash.ai.

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