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The Stack Overflow Podcast

Tim Tutt, CEO and cofounder of Night Shift Development, tells the home team about his work in deploying large-scale search and discovery analytics, why he’s working to help nontechnical users understand and utilize their business data, and how GenAI is teaching people to ask better questions.

The mission of Night Shift Development is to democratize data analytics to help organizations and users of all skill levels understand their data. Their flagship product, ClearQuery, is a data intelligence and analytics platform designed for nontechnical users.

ClearQuery has a free version that lets you try out the full array of features. Learn how it works and register here to get started, gratis.

Learn how Stack Overflow implemented semantic search to allow users to search using natural language.

Read about why self-healing code is the future of software development.

Tim is on LinkedIn.

Thanks and congrats to Lifeboat badge winner Boann, whose answer to Sort four numbers without an array has been viewed 23,000 times and counting.

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