Visual Studio turns 25, new ideas for supporting open source, and of course…NFTs

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The new home team—Matt, Ceora, and Cassidy—discuss Visual Studio’s 25th birthday, how to create a sustainable revenue source for open-source frameworks, why open-source business models contribute to a lack of diversity, and why NFTs are so unpopular with K-pop fans.

The team pays tribute to Microsoft’s Visual Studio, an IDE and source code editor that turns 25 this month.

Read Simon Willison’s article on how companies can financially support the open-source contributors they rely on.

Learn more about open source’s diversity problem, and how to address it, here and here.

Why are K-pop NFTs so unpopular with fans? The Atlantic digs in.

ICYMI: Listen to our conversation with HashiCorp cofounder Mitchell Hashimoto: Moving from CEO back to IC.

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