Try your own cooking: turning our employees into Stack users

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Once upon a time, almost all Stack employees were also users of the site, community members who interacted regularly with what they were building. As the company grew, this naturally became less true. Our first annual Community-athon was a chance for every employee to get a taste of what it's like to ask and answer questions on the site. And for veteran employees, it was a chance to relive the experience of being a brand new user on Stack. This episode, we dive into what happened and what we learned.

Our guests this week were two of our employees: Yaakov Ellis and Stephanie Cantor. Yaakov is a Principal Web Developer, Community Advocate on the Public Platform team at Stack Overflow, and Former Team Lead for Internal Development at Stack. Stephanie is the Program Manager for Community Strategy at Stack.

Want to learn more about how the Community-athon worked? Read up on it here. And yes, of course there was a leaderboard and internet points.

Yaakov was undercover as a brand new user, but some of his answers gave him away. Can you spot the tell?

Our very own CEO spent a lot of time asking extremely important and nerdy question on our SciFi Stack Exchange.

We bumped our engagement from employees by more than 100%. Many questions were asked, much knowledge was spread.

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