The tiny open-source pillar holding up the entire internet

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The crew discusses the pros and cons fo remote learning, and Sara reflects on her childhood growing up homeschooled. We examine an excellent XKCD comic about the tiny open-source projects that somehow become lynchpins in massive pieces of internet infrastructure, and what is the best way to ensure they keep working. We try to come up with our best translation for the Portuguese phrase, "software pesado," which refers to a big, honking pile o' code. And last but not least, we examine the theory that lemon juice may be good for your breath, but will literally melt your bones.

It's dependencies all the way down...

Remote learning is a bad joke. Who has ideas for some tech or gaming inspired solutions?

What's your favorite way to refer to software of very large size? Everyone's got their favorite nickname for that big ol' pile of code.

Lemon juice is recommended in lots of natural cures and remedies. But could it also be MELTING YOUR BONES?

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