The next gen web browser has no tabs, only spaces

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Ben and Cassidy sit down with The Browser Company to talk about reimagining the web browser—and the way we use the internet. Plus: The best username out there (don’t @ us).

Today’s guests from Browser Co. are software engineer Victoria Kirst and design lead Dustin Senos of The Browser Company

The Browser Company is building a new kind of browser designed to keep users “focused, organized and in control.” Arc, their browser, is “full of big new ideas about how we should interact with the web” and has been called “the best web browser to come out in the last decade.”

For an introduction to and first look at Arc, start with this video. You can also join the waiting list or subscribe to the Substack.

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Special thanks to Ellis Hamburger, owner of the best username, for facilitating this terrific conversation with Victoria and Dustin.

Congrats to Lifeboat badge winner Todd for answering How can I name a @Service with multiple names in Spring?.

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