The new version of React, great tools for learning CSS, and the double standard for female engineers

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The home team discusses React’s major version upgrade, how women in software engineering are often shunted into marketing or project management roles, and the brilliant analogy Cassidy used to explain to her parents how software engineers still have jobs after they’re done building the app.

React 18 is the latest major version of React. Cassidy also provides an excellent summary of React history.

Ceora is working on some CSS art (inspired by K-pop, natch) using CodePen.

Cassidy explains why Tanya Reilly’s talk-turned-blog-post Being Glue, which Ceora shouted out in Episode 425, was pivotal in shaping her career decisions.

Why do women in software engineering have to worry about being seen as “not technical enough”?

Today’s tech recs: Ceora recommends the Nintendo Switch™, Matt recommends Flexbox Froggy for people who want to learn CSS flexbox, and Cassidy recommends Loom.

Today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user JosefZ for their answer to Start Windows Terminal from the CLI and pass in an executable command to run.

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