Talking Arduino, bits, and boards with Dr. Duino

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week we sit down with Guido Bonelli, founder of Dr. Duino, a company that makes custom Arduino boards and kits to help beginners and more experienced hackers create their own electronic projects. He walks us through what has made Arduino so popular, how you can learn to use it, and what the future holds for open source hardware.

Sara shares the story of a developer conference that was smoke bombed by an Arduino bot gone haywire. It was this chaos that inspired her to dig deeper into Arduino, which would eventually play a big role in helping her to found her company, Jewelbots.

Paul unravels the mystery of what's really inside the Goonie Box: a timepiece, puzzle, and mechanical wonder that Guido uses to test his house guests.

This week's lifeboat goes to Terminator17, who helped solve a problem around object detection using a Tensorflow-gpu.

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