Should managers of developers ever make technical decisions?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

We talk about new content types on Stack Overflow, when its appropriate for managers to make technical decisions for their ICs, and Paul's experience getting a new tool online with Google's Cloud Run.

To start things off, we talk about the launch of Articles, a new content type for Stack Overflow Teams that lets you write longer, subjective pieces. Sometimes it's best to share knowledge through Q&A, but other times you've got complicated, narrative, DevOps recipes or a policy paper and FAQ. Now your knowledge artifacts can all live in one place.

"The FAQ is the great folk form of the internet" - quotable moments featuring Paul Ford.

If you're interested in another cut at this old saw, is Postlight's take on what developer docs should look like. Sara is convinced it's all about the left nav.

Speaking of convictions, a conflict is tearing Sara's home apart. Ben and Paul step in to save her marriage. The question at hand: should managers of developers EVER make technical decisions?

Finally, Paul talks about his experience using Google Cloud Run to build a fun little tool called Ephemeralist. It pulls in random images from public domain collections hosted by museums and archives. Use it to take a break from the negativity of social media or the news. Also, revel in the joy of Paul's neologism, the Browseulator. It recently brought me this little gem.

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