Satellite internet: More useful than sending a car into space

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The home team talks about the coding error that forced ten million Canadians offline, advice for coders trying to get out of a rut, and how low-earth orbit satellites are reshaping the internet. Plus: a Netflix documentary for getting out of a rut and reshaping your mind all in one.

A coding error reportedly caused the massive outage at Canadian telecom company Rogers that affected more than 10 million customers—a quarter of Canada’s population.

In a rut? Hacker News has some advice for climbing out. (Hint: More screen time won’t help.)

The Verge reports on how Starlink and other companies that provide internet connectivity through low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites are shaping an “orbital internet.”

Michael Pollan’s 2019 book How to Change Your Mind—an exploration of psychedelic therapy’s history, current status, and future potential—is now a four-part Netflix documentary. We at Stack Overflow DO NOT recommend illegal drug use, but we can recommend the documentary.

Today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user Satpal for their answer to the question 'setinterval' with random time in JavaScript.

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