Right Back At Ya: We're Doubling Our Podcast

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Ben, Sara, and Paul are all working remote, hanging in their homes with family and loved ones. We decided to move the podcast from once a week to twice a week. Part of that is to help us keep in touch and fight cabin fever. The other imperative was to keep our conversations more attuned to current events, which change dramatically every 24 hours. We hope you and yours are safe and send our thoughts and prayers to the professionals battling the pandemic on the front lines.

Ben is now the full time IT department for his two sons, one of whom is in kindergarten and one in first grade. The children have transitioned from public school to Zoom, Google Classroom, Konstella, FaceTime, and five million other services.

Paul's neighbors in his apartment building are digging old laptops out of storage and leaving them in front of his door. They bleach them first, so that they are 100% disinfected. Then Paul slaps on a little Ubuntu/Lubuntu and those old machines are suddenly zippy netbooks that help adults and kids work and study from home.

Sara reveals she has an amazing "resting interested face" - a skill that makes her the most popular person at any live talk in front of an audience.

That box of old cables finally came in handy! We shout out our lifeboat badge winners, as we near the major milestone of 1000 lifeboats. Keep them coming.

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