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Cassidy and Ceora talk with Astro creator Fred K. Schott and Cloudflare’s Brendan Irvine-Broque and Michael Hart about the intersection of open source and AI. Plus: Cassidy’s impressive robot credentials.

Cloudflare offers zero-trust security and performance tools for web and SaaS apps.

Cloudflare Workers allows devs to deploy serverless code globally to over 285 data centers around the world.

Astro is an open-source web framework built for speed. Houston is a bot that lets you chat with their docs.

Check out Confbrew, a conference session Q&A bot from Markprompt and Contenda (where Cassidy is CTO).

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Shoutout to Lifeboat badge winner The Nail for saving if->return vs. if->else efficiency from oblivion.

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