Professional ethics and phantom braking

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Today’s episode is bookended by two questions about professional or academic ethics. Ben, Ryan, and Cassidy start by discussing a question on the Workplace Stack Exchange about whether to use open-source projects as dependencies for work projects. TL;DR: If you want to own the code you write outside work, get that in writing when you take the job. Our second query is a question on Academia Stack Exchange from a student who’s wondering if they cheated because they found the solution to an exam question in the course of studying. In between: Jack Dorsey resigns, the problem with phantom braking, and the time Cassidy almost won a car.

Hear why Ben thinks the Workplace Stack Exchange and the Academia Stack Exchange have the richest questions in the Stack Exchange network (or maybe just the most sitcom-worthy).

ICYMI: Jack Dorsey stepped down from Twitter. Will he be back?

At Twitter, Tess Rinearson is leading a new team focused on crypto, blockchains, and decentralized tech. Follow her on Twitter here.

The team winces over a review of a Tesla Model Y hatchback that describes phantom braking so frequent and so dangerous that it’s “a complete deal-breaker.”

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