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Ben talks with Dylan Fox, founder and CEO of rapid-growth startup AssemblyAI, about how he became interested in AI and machine learning, why he left a steady job at a tech giant to create something new, and what AI can offer creators like writers and visual artists. Plus: Why Ben threw out $20,000 worth of Magic cards in middle school.

AssemblyAI is an AI-as-a-service provider focused on speech-to-text and text analysis. Their mission is to make it easy for developers and product teams to incorporate state-of-the-art AI technology into the solutions they’re building. Their customers include Spotify, the Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, and the BBC. Need AI to run semantic analysis on your forum comments or automatically produce summaries of blog post submissions? Rent an ML model on-demand from the cloud instead of building a solution from scratch.

Just three months after its $28M Series A, AssemblyAI raised another $30M in a Series B round led by Insight Partners, Y Combinator, and Accel. In this economy?

When it comes to new and cutting-edge AI developments, what’s Dylan excited about right now? This open-source implementation of AlphaFold from GitHub user lucidrains.

Connect with Dylan on LinkedIn.

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