Next stop, Cryptoland?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Ben, Ryan, Cassidy, and Ceora talk about Cryptoland, “the first physical crypto island,” which has drawn fyre (oops, fire) from people trying to figure out whether it’s a real project, a parody, or a scam. From there, the team talks about the crypto world, how its reputation has suffered from associations with less-than-savory players, and how the blockchain concept has evolved from Bitcoin to Solana.

The Twitter thread that brought Cryptoland to the team’s attention.

Ceora wonders whether participants in a hypothetical, decentralized version of YouTube (a YouTube-like dApp) would need coding skills to contribute meaningfully.

Why is Ethereum so expensive and so congested?

Ben outlines how Solana has become the fastest-growing blockchain in the world by evolving the Ethereum concept to make it more scalable and less congested.

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