“Move fast and break things” doesn’t apply to other people’s savings

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Christine Ryu, Engineering Lead at fintech platform Flourish, joins the home team to talk about how technology is transforming finance for everyone from big banks to individual consumers. Christine explains what it’s like to move from Goldman Sachs to a tiny startup, how legacy tech stacks lead to Frankencode, and what an acquisition taught her about build vs. buy and good vs. perfect.

Flourish is a fintech platform for registered investment advisers (RIAs) that was recently acquired by MassMutual.

After studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon, Christine spent almost 12 years at Goldman Sachs, where she was VP of fixed systematic marketing making, responsible for automating electronic trades of interest-rate products like US Treasury bonds and interest rate swaps.

Christine’s time at the world’s second-largest investment bank gave her a healthy wariness of Frankencode, the scourge of legacy stacks everywhere.

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