Making computer science more humane at Carnegie Mellon

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On this episode of the podcast, Ben and Ryan chat with Martial Hebert, dean of the School of Computer Science at Ryan’s alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University. They talk about the changing landscape of computer science education, Martial’s almost 40 years of research in computer vision and robotics, and the importance of crossing disciplines in computer science.

While he’s been the dean of the School of Computer Science since 2019, Martial started his career at Carnegie Mellon University way back in 1984.

Ben covered LIDAR inventor Velodyne while at the Verge, while Martial has LIDAR’s ancestor, the laser rangefinder, which was state of the art in 1986.

Martial’s area of research is in computer vision and perception for autonomous systems. Since 1985, he’s been a part of 388 publications.

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