How We Hire Developers at Stack

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week we chat about Paul's new super computer, Sara's epiphany on how to ace code screenings, and Ben's realization that other industries could learn a thing or two from the way software companies screen their candidates.

When it comes to hardware that cranks, Paul is a fan of Micro Center's in-house brand - PowerSpec.

This week we chew through a great post from Jon Chan about how Stack Overflow hires developers. Sara recalls flunking her first few code screenings while applying for jobs. The hard lesson she learned? Sometimes, it pays to skip the collaboration and just show off. Ben wishes that he had known about real-time tests back when he was hiring bloggers.

Last but not least, this week's lifeboat goes to Yigit, who answered the following question:

"In Android Rooms persistence library, how would I write the following SQL statement: SELECT * FROM table WHERE field LIKE %:value% As a @Query? This syntax is invalid, and I can't find anything about it in the docs."

Thanks Yigit for sharing your knowledge and helping the Stack Overflow community to grow and thrive.

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