How valuable is your screen name?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

We chat with Cassidy Williams of Netlify and Ceora Ford of Apollo GraphQL. There are some spicy takes on image compression, super resolution, and the enduring value of your oldest screen names. Plus, a dive into the metaverse and fond memories of neo-pets and Farmville.

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You can find Cassidy on Twitter here and read the newsletter she helps us curate here.

You can find Ceora on Twitter here and check out more about Apollo GraphQL here.

Cassidy's piece on GraphQL, the first item she ever wrote for Stack Overflow, is here.

Want to learn more about AVIF and how it compresses images so well? Check out good read from Netflix's tech blog here.

Instead of a lifeboat badge we're highlighting an amazing question: Can celestial objects be used in cryptography?

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