How to write high-performance SQL for your Postgres database

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Ben and Ryan talk with Lukas Fittl, founder and CEO of pganalyze, which provides in-depth Postgres database monitoring and optimization. They talk about why Lukas considers himself a founder-CEO by title but engineer by trade, what’s important to understand about SQL, and the role of AI in database optimization.

pgnanalyze helps users deliver consistent PostgreSQL performance and availability at any scale. Get started with a free trial or explore their docs. You can also find them on YouTube, where Lukas posts a weekly show called 5mins of Postgres.

Lukas was a founding engineer of Citus Data. Citus is an open-source extension to PostgreSQL that was eventually acquired by Microsoft. Find them on GitHub.

If you’re new to the topic, SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language for querying databases, introduced in the 1970s.

Find Lukas on LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub.

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