How the creator of Angular is dehydrating the web

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Miško Hevery, creator of Angular and longtime Googler, tells Ben about building the future of web applications in his new role as CTO of

Angular is an open-source web framework used by millions of developers. Explore the Angular community.

Miško is currently CTO at Builder, an API-driven, drag-and-drop headless CMS with a visual editor. Explore their docs or see what they’re up to on their blog.

Builder’s full-stack web framework is Qwik, which just reached 1.0.

Let Miško walk you through why Hydration is Pure Overhead.

ICYMI, listen to our episode with Builder CEO Steve Stewell.

Connect with Miško on LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub. You can also check out his website.

This week’s Lifeboat badge is awarded to ORION for their answer to Unicode symbol that represents "download".

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