How terrifying is giving a conference talk?

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Connell, a UK-based .NET developer and senior software engineer at Stack Overflow, tells the home team about his path to software development via text-based RPGs, his work on Stack Overflow’s Community Enablement team, why Agile gets so much hate, and what he’s learned giving conference talks to developers.

ICYMI, listen to our episode with Agile pioneer Jim Highsmith: The meeting that changed how we build software (Ep. 579).

Explore Connell’s website or his talks.

Connell will be speaking at DDD East Midlands again this year: October 7, 2023 (with apologies to our British listeners for the date format).

He’s also on GitHub, Twitter, and Stack Overflow (naturally).

A very special Lifeboat badge is awarded to Connell for answering his own question: Why does this SelectMany perform several SQL queries instead of a single join?.

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