How ICs can get recognition for their work on big projects

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Dr. Cat Hicks, Director of Pluralsight Flow’s Developer Success Lab, joins Ben and Eira to talk about why ICs deserve recognition for their contributions to big projects (and how they can get it). Plus: why data is your best tool in getting your manager on your side, the shared DNA between Pluralsight and Stack Overflow, and why “learning debt” can be as big a problem as the technical variety.

Cat’s research centers on the socio-cognitive factors and processes that help people learn and succeed. In her role as director of Pluralsight Flow’s Developer Success Lab, she studies what makes software teams thrive and shares that research with the community so teams can learn from her findings.

In a recent report, the Dev Success Lab explored how visibility can encourage higher-performing teams and better business outcomes.

Pluralsight is an education platform for software developers. Pluralsight Flow, their software delivery intelligence platform, is designed to eliminate developer friction and wasted time.

Cat is on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Today’s Lifeboat badge winner is Kent Kostelac, who gave a terrific answer to One-line if-else in C#.

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