From startup to Google and back again

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Ben and Cassidy talk with programmer and developer advocate Sean Falconer, Head of Developer Relations and Marketing at Skyflow, ex-Googler, and host of the podcasts Partially Redacted and Software Engineering Daily. They cover why Sean pivoted from academic to cofounder, why AI is sparking excitement and anxiety in the DevRel space, and how working at Google compares to life at a Series B startup.

Sean hosts Partially Redacted, a podcast about data privacy, security, and compliance.

He also hosts the podcast Software Engineering Daily, which features technical interviews on everything from the ethics of GPTs to cloud-native search and WebAssembly. Start with the recent episode Surviving ChatGPT with Christian Hubicki (of Survivor fame).

You can also read about how he crowdsourced a behavioral model for Survivor.

Sean spent four years working in developer relations (DevRel) at Google. Here’s a Software Engineering Daily episode about the role DevRel plays at Google.

Connect with Sean on LinkedIn or Twitter (I mean, X), or check out his website.

Kudos to Great Question badge winner Kai Sellgren for asking How to remove an element from a vector given the element?.

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