Forget "No Code." Adios "Low Code." Say hello to "Yes Code!"

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We chat with Lee Robinson, VP of Developer Experience at Vercel, about v0: a generative AI Vercel built that produces code for web components based on a user's text description of a UI or interface.

The company says v0 is intended to author the first draft of your site or app, then help you iterate quickly. It won't mean the end of junior web developers, says Lee, as a polished final draft still requires a human touch. And it's not a low code no code approach, as the system allows you to switch easily between the GenAI approach and the actual code.

You can learn more about v0 here and head over here to join the waitlist.

You can find Lee on LinkedIn or his website.

Congrats to Stack Overflow user Jonathon Reinhart, who earned a Lifeboat badge for answering the question: How can I import a static library in Python?

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