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Tommy McClung, cofounder and CEO of ReleaseHub, sits down with the home team to talk about environments-as-a-service, what it’s like to work with the same cofounders for more than 20 years, and the role of karma in professional networking.

ReleaseHub provides on-demand environments for development, staging, and production. Every developer knows that environments can be a bottleneck, so ReleaseHub’s mission is to empower developers to share their ideas with the world more quickly and easily, sidestepping what Tommy calls “the big bottlenecks in development.”

As CTO of TrueCar, Tommy was leading an effort to rebuild that company’s tech stack, but he needed an environment management platform, and nothing on the market fit his needs. The homegrown environment management system he developed with his cofounders would become ReleaseHub.

Tommy joined Y Combinator in 2009.

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