Crypto feels broken. That’s because it’s the internet circa 1996.

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Ben talks with entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Pakman, who recently left his longtime role as a partner at veteran VC firm Venrock to become managing partner at CoinFund. Topics include why the volume and growth of developer activity should be the “North Star” guiding VC investment, incentivizing developers to work on Web3 projects, and CoinFund’s NFT investments.

David is a CS major who worked in Apple’s music group in the 90s and went on to become CEO of eMusic in the aughts.

At Venrock, David invested in early-stage crypto, consumer, and enterprise tech companies. He was early to crypto as a node maintainer on the Bitcoin blockchain and an Ethereum miner, setting up a rig in his basement several years ago.

At CoinFund, he focuses on early- and growth-stage crypto and blockchain companies and technologies like Upshot, a platform for crowdsourced NFT appraisals, and Rarible, a digital art NFT platform.

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