Codespaces moves into public beta, the virtual real estate worth millions, and how microservices and CI/CD can hurt productivity

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The home team chats with Adam Lear, a staff software engineer on the public platform at Stack Overflow. They discuss GitHub’s move to put prebuilt Codespaces into public beta, the people paying millions for virtual real estate, and the downsides of microservices and CI/CD for developer productivity.

Geriatric millennials unite.

Learn more about GitHub’s move to put prebuilt Codespaces into public beta, plus check out CodeSandbox, home of self-proclaimed lazy developers.

Meanwhile, in blockchain: Polygon, a solution designed to expand transaction efficiency and output for Ethereum, raised $450 million “to consolidate its lead in the race to scale Ethereum.”

Is Decentraland the most annoying blockchain project? The competition is fierce.

The 2022 Java Developer Productivity Report found that microservices and CI/CD are decreasing developers’ productivity, not increasing it. The team talks through what that means.

This week, Ben recommends the book Appleseed by Matt Bell, Cassidy recommends the productivity app Centered, Adam points listeners to Unix-like operating system SerenityOS, and Ceora shouts out Tanya Reilly’s talk-turned-blog-post Being Glue.

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