Code Newbie's approach to education and community

The Stack Overflow Podcast

This week we sit down Saron Yitbarek, founder of Code Newbie, a company that was acquired by DEV earlier this year. That pairing brought together two fast growing online communities dedicated to helping everyone gain access to the skills and support network they need to become a programmer.

Saron explains how she went from working in the marketing department of a startup to learning code, creating a supportive community for novice developers, and founding two podcasts about the art and science of learning to program.

You can read more about the Dev acquisition and what the dynamic duo have planned here.

Sara and Paul spend some time bantering with Saron on that classic developer debate: why learn computer science? Besides the ego boost and the desire to avoid imposter syndrome, how much of a four-year-degree is actually useful when you're a new graduate trying to land your first job?

Later on, we dig into the debate over toxic positivity. During these challenging times, it can be addictive to watch others flaunt their hustle and hard work on social media. But there is a downside to tuning out the failures and negative emotions we all live with. You can read more about it here.

Ever wondered about the difference between a subview and a superview? Find out more with this week's lifeboat badge.

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