Balancing a PhD program with a startup career

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Cameron Wolfe, Director of AI at Rebuy and deep learning researcher, joins Ben for a conversation about generative AI, autonomous agents, and balancing a PhD program with a tech career.

Rebuy is an AI-powered personalization platform. Check out their developer hub, explore case studies, or keep up with their blog.

Cameron is a PhD student in computer science and member of the OptimaLab at Rice University.

Autonomous agents are AI-powered programs that can create tasks for themselves in response to a given objective. They “can create tasks for themselves, complete tasks, create new tasks, reprioritize their task list, complete the new top task, and loop until their objective is reached,” according to one beginner’s guide to autonomous agents.

Follow Cameron’s work on Twitter or Substack, or his website. Read his publications here.

This week’s Lifeboat badge honoree is Mark Setchell for sharing their knowledge with the world: I need to convert a fixed-width file to 'comma-delimited' in Unix.

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