At your next job interview, you ask the questions

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The home team convenes to discuss the end of the GPU shortage, how the no-code/low-code movement is impacting developers, and why job candidates should flip the script and interview their interviewers.

The GPU shortage is (allegedly) over! Read about it at The Verge.

Learn how low code demands more creativity from developers.

On the job market? Don’t be afraid to turn the tables on your interviewer.

This week’s tech recs: Help foster more equitable compensation conversations by taking Devocate’s Developer Relations Compensation Survey. offers scheduling infrastructure for anyone and everyone—and it’s open-source.

Appsmith is an open-source, low-code platform for building, shipping, and maintaining CRUD apps.

Finally, if you’re wondering how to get that startup idea from back-of-napkin to exit, start with Kernal.

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