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Bryan Robinson 0:02

Hello World, my name is Bryan Robinson and I love love, love the JAMstack. I've always enjoyed working on static sites, quick for users, they're quick to build. And as it turns out, they're not that static anymore. I'm on a quest to find more gems, hackers, and they get their stories. That's why I've created That's My JAM...stack. This podcast is all about the passions of the tech community, like Andy Bell, talking about progressive enhancement.

Andy Bell 0:28

Progressive enhancement is my thing, so whatever you use, as long as what gets delivered to the front end this HTML, functional HTML by default, so if nothing else arrives down the pipe, you still have a usable website and its acceptable and accessible then it's all good. You could, whatever you want. If you want to use PHP or Node, I don't really care as long as if the only thing that arrives is HTML, it works.

Bryan Robinson 1:00

I'll be seeking out amazing developers and designers of all walks of life, talk to me about what they do with the jam stack and why they love this movement on the web.

Raymond Camden 1:12

I played with it and like a light bulb went off. And I was thinking about all the sites I built a cold fusion that were dynamic talking to the sql server and like the data was changing, like once a year. And I'm like, you know what, I don't need that anymore. And again, like light bulb moment, realizing that it's not 100% solution, but but like a lot of what I built in the last 10 years, this would have covered a good part of them.

Bryan Robinson 1:39

So come on and join me on this journey. find out all about some new and amazing services and techniques, and let's meet some wonderful makers along the way. And you know, if that sounds interesting to you, be sure to subscribe to the podcast and your app of choice. You can find the links and the RSS feed at that's myjamstack.com I really can't wait to share this movement with me. So check back in a couple weeks for the first episode.

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