354: Next.js and Now with Guillermo Rauch

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Guillermo Rauch stops by to talk about Zeit, Now, and Next.

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Guillermo Rauch stops by to talk about Zeit, Now, and Next.

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Guillermo Rauch

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Before starting ▲ZEIT, Guillermo was the CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost and Cloudup, acquired by Automattic in 2013. He's the creator of several popular Node.js open source libraries like socket.io, mongoose and slackin. Prior to Node.js, he was a core developer of the MooTools frontend toolkit.




Jetpack adds loads of features your self-hosted WordPress site, with the overall theme of bringing the power of WordPress.com servers to your servers. Flip on an image CDN. Flip on site backups. Flip on Markdown. Flip on security scanning. Flip on more powerful search. And so much more.


Flywheel is delightful managed WordPress hosting. (Chris: it really is, I just moved ShopTalk's website to it and it was so quick and painless it made it fun.) Must have's like a CDN and SSL are a click away, and using Local, their development tool, makes everything a well-oiled machine.

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